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My Background

I started my journey in IT consulting, first with Ernst & Young then with Logica CMG. After gaining an MBA from Cass Business School, I specialised in corporate Change Management.

Wanting to learn about my own energy levels, I studied Reiki, and that led me to investigate healing and therapies further. I went on to study NLP (sometimes referred to as ‘the study of excellence’) to Master Practitioner level, as well as hypnotherapy and regression, in order to better understand the deeper layers of the mind. By exploring these layers, we can find the keys to unlocking patterns, beliefs and behaviours.

I added multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) and systemic coaching to my portfolio, as they reinforced the importance of embracing the wisdom of the whole body – physical, emotional, mental and beyond – which I first encountered with NLP. These approaches have strong applications in the corporate world.

Last but by no means least, fully embracing that powerful link between mind and body, I trained as an executive coach, adopting a methodology rooted in the Performing Arts. It focuses on leadership and communication, with specific importance placed on presence, embodiment and creating an authentic two-way relationship with the audience.

My Motivation

At the most basic level, I want to help people. I believe that, if we all take responsibility to develop our inner selves, we reconnect with our innate wisdom and potential. This leads to presence and fulfilment. The more people access this higher state, the more it tips the scales in favour of a better world. Maybe it’s a bit idealistic, but if we all dare to dream, imagine what we could create!

More practically, in this age when we are often stuck in our heads, we become disjointed and detached from who we are. I believe that it’s crucial to connect to the deeper wisdom of the mind – i.e. the head AND the body – and that will take us back towards being more fully resourced and living the lives that we truly want.


My Qualifications

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Cass Business School
  • NLP Master Practitioner and NLP New Code Practitioner
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • mBIT Coach
  • Master Reiki healer