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When we experience an event which is physically, mentally or emotionally traumatic, a part of us can become frozen in time.

Regression therapy allows us to go back in time and resolve the trauma so that it no longer affects us in the present day. We have the opportunity to re-integrate the part of us that was frozen in time, and re-become whole.

Regression is an extension of hypnotherapy; it is a safe way of accessing the deeper mind, and you are always in control.


Current-Life Regression

Current-life regression (CLR) walks a person back through their formative years and identifies any times that need resolving.

Imagine, for instance, that  a person was embarrassed publicly at school at the age of seven. This might well have been very traumatic to them, to the point where it affects their present-day life, perhaps in terms of public speaking or simply being around large groups of people. By regressing that person to that time when they were seven, they can re-connect with the situation, re-visiting it with the resources that they have as an adult. They can also re-integrate the seven-year old child frozen in time so that it becomes a part of them and grows up with them to the present day, resulting in a more complete and happy adult.

CLR is a very powerful and effective therapy.


Past-Life Regression

Past-life regression (PLR) is an extension of CLR in that you just keep going back in time. It is at least as powerful as CLR, if not more so as it can contain incredible wisdom and insight – or, if you prefer, hindsight!

Some people embrace the idea of past lives; other people find it harder to accept and ask if it still works if they don’t believe in reincarnation, or it’s not a part of their faith. The answer is yes. Absolutely. Faith or belief systems have no bearing on the outcome or efficacy of PLR.

What can past-life regression achieve?

A regression to a past-life might give insight into a number of things, for instance behaviour patterns, phobias, difficult relationships, etc.

If you suffer from a fear of deep water, you may have drowned in a previous lifetime. If you suffer from back pain that physical therapists and conventional doctors cannot explain, you may have been wounded in battle in a lifetime as a knight. These are just two examples, but the possibilities are endless.