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Coaching is a thought-provoking partnership that builds incremental change across sessions, challenging you to safely stretch to a new, more fulfilling place.

Through this process, you take positive and considered action towards the realisation of your goals. You might not know what those goals are but together we explore the landscape of your life, taking stock of where you are and where your passions lie.  Then we create the road-map to take you there.

Coaching can be used for either personal or professional development.


Styles of Coaching

I offer a variety of coaching approaches which can be used in isolation or combined, depending on your individual needs.

Life Coaching with NLP: exploring the different areas of life, whether personal or professional, and seeing what works well and what could work better.

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT): it’s long been established that we have neurons (the cells that make up brains) not just in our head, but around the gut, and also around the heart. This means that we have at least three brains, each with its own strengths. Harnessing the powers of all the brains can lead us to becoming more resourceful and living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Executive Coaching: for professionals with their sights aimed high on the ladder, this style of coaching focuses on leadership development, communication, and decision-making skills.

Systemic Coaching: looking at the systems in which we live and function provides us deeper insight into how we perform.