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I offer a range of services to help you through what you are experiencing, whether it’s a voluntary transition that you’re considering, or a change that’s being imposed on you.

In our lives, we play different roles (e.g. manager, parent, sibling, etc) but those roles all add up to a Greater Whole.

As such, I typically use a non-prescriptive approach, remaining open to using techniques and approaches that suit the moment and the discussion. This creates a flexibility for finding solutions.

However, if you prefer, we can focus on a specific approach – it’s important that you feel comfortable with the work. These are your sessions and they are tailored for you.


A thought-provoking partnership that builds incremental change across sessions, challenging you to safely stretch to a new, more fulfilling place.

Coaching can be used for either personal or professional development.

♦   Life Coaching With NLP   ♦   mBIT Coaching   ♦   Executive Coaching   ♦   Systemic Coaching   ♦


Working with the deeper part of the mind to release old patterns of behaviours and limiting beliefs, and to harness new, empowering resources.



Exploring earlier years to resolve a past event or situation, and removing negative influences on present day actions or choices.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Investigating the link between language and behaviour, and using it to build strong, positive resources you can call upon as you work towards your dreams.