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In previous posts we’ve talked a lot about making (New Year’s) resolutions and the importance of mindfulness when making a change in your life. You need a good understanding of where you are; where you’re going; how you’ll transition between the two; why you’re making the change, etc.

I mentioned that any time is a good time to make a change. Now, broadly speaking, that’s true, but keep in mind that some changes are bigger than others, and thus require more energy. However, it could be that making a small tweak or prod is enough to push the first domino in a long chain. If in doubt, be objective and ask questions.


I believe that a great time of year that is well-suited for you to create change is around your birthday. Think about all the things that aligned for you to be born – all that was created, all the energy of loved ones and medical staff, all the care and attention… It was the coming together of many different elements and energies just for YOU.

Around your birthday, there’s a similar energy to when you were born. The world will have changed, as will its people, but there will still be a familiar sense in the air. Even on a basic level, more energy is coming your way from well-wishers.

Receive that energy and harness it by meditating. This could be mindful breathing, being really present with your breath. Or you could actively practice gratitude, taking stock of all that you have, and all those who have helped you on your journey so far.