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A busy mind and overactive thinking can make anyone prone to higher-than-average worry levels, as well as sleep issues.

It may be a sign of the times, linked to the value we attribute to reasoning and logical thinking. Our education systems lean heavily towards those schools of thought (no pun intended), and we invariably grow up with an ingrained habit to think our way out of problems. And that’s fine – sometimes it works a treat – but other times, it’s not the right tool for the job.

Then, of course, there are smartphones, engaging our minds for longer, even when we’re supposed to be switching off and relaxing.

The more we think, the more we put energy in or around our head. Not only can this be energetically ungrounding, pulling energy away from the body, but might manifest as more worry and anxiety.

When this happens, the solution is to move the energy away from the head and back down into the body. Mindful exercise, like tai chi or yoga, can be great. Inversions in yoga place the Heart above the Head, which can reverse the energetic flow and redress the balance.

Visualisations can very powerful, and have the advantage that they can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Here are a few exercises for you to try out:


Grounding through Roots

With your feet flat on the ground, visualise roots coming from your soles and pushing all the way down to the core of the Earth. Send anything that no longer serves you (e.g. stress, anxiety etc) down through those roots for the Earth to transmute, and at the same time, use the roots to draw up clean energy.

As a bonus, feel the connection to the Earth, and practice gratitude for everything she provides.


Blue Sky Thinking

Imagine the mind as a beautiful clear blue sky. Whenever thoughts pop into your mind, imagine them as small fluffy clouds forming in your mind. Turn your attention back towards the blue sky, and the clouds will soon disappear on their own.


Pearl in Oil

Imagine your consciousness, and specifically your thoughts, as a pearl. The pearl is in oil and, thanks to the inescapable force of gravity, that pearl is slowly sinking. Follow it as it gently descends from your head, all the way down through your body, until it reaches a point at your core, just below your belly button. This is your centre of gravity, the centre of being – the seat of your soul. Gently hold your focus on that point and breathe.

Feel free to play with the imagery depending on what you need. For example, you can set the intention that the pearl, as it descends, is deeply soothing to the nervous system…



Remember that if you need to a bit of breathing space, setting goals will help bring some structure to your life, and creating space will free you of extra baggage.

If you need support along your journey, get in touch with me and, together, we’ll forge a new path.